It’s Your Life, Noone Else’s

Why be stuck trying to live up to other people’s expectations? Why shape your life around things that other people think you should do?


I discovered this really great App; Periscope. I realize that not so many people have embraced it yet, but I recommend! It’s fantastic because you get to learn things about people from everywhere in the world(if you follow the right people), and others get the privilege (it’s nothing other than that) to have a feel of what your life is like.

So yesterday, I was viewing some broadcasts and there was one that really interested me, so I decided to share.

This guy is like a backpacker – without the backpack. He spoke about how he is in debt (of about 300 dollars), is practically broke, owns only one complete outfit – minus the bathrobe he was clad in, and has burgers (or any other calorie-congested meal he desires) for breakfast.  Where most of us struggle every day at work and only dream of that island we really want to vacation at, or force ourselves to stick to cabbage and other plant foods (no offence meant, vegans) just to stay in shape, this young man is doing only exactly what he wants to do.

Why be stuck trying to live up to other people’s expectations? Why shape your life around things that other people think you should do?

This guy (I can’t, for the life of me, remember his name) is broke, lacking and in debt, but he’s deliriously happy – and he’s living his life. I’m absolutely not saying you should quit your job and sell your clothes and eat fatty foods all day long because you want to rebel, you’ll just get overweight, really poor and hungry, and you’d hate yourself -or me. I don’t want that. I just think that everybody who has the opportunity to be alive should be happy while doing it.

Test yourself:

  • If you are very reluctant or unenthusiastic every Monday morning when it’s time to get ready for work, that’s not the job for you. It means you don’t like what you do and you don’t enjoy it. If that’s the case, you’d NEVER succeed maximally in that job. Change it. (Take a cue from Claire in the movie “The Boss” if you want to make your exit extra-dramatic).
  • If you only think of ways to promote your business or new ideas for improvement during work hours, means you don’t like your job. The truth is, anything you love, you’d want to see grow. So quit.
  • Ask yourself, “What made me start this job?” If your reason has less to do with yourself than it has to do with money or someone else, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons and you should get out.

Try as much as possible to create a Win-Win situation in every endeavor of your life, never forfeit fulfillment for someone else’s satisfaction. Do what you love, everytime, and you’d be great doing it!

Do you really control your life? Or does your life control you…